Fall 2008 Course Catalog - Use of Calculators and Other Assistance in Writing Examinations

Exam Day Information

Approved Calculators


Only the calculators described in the following paragraphs may be brought into the examination room.  Books, papers, computers or other electronic devices may not be brought into the examination room.

Candidates may ONLY use the battery or solar–powered Texas Instruments BA–35 model calculator, the BA II Plus*, the BA II Plus Professional*, the TI–30Xa or TI–30X II* (IIS solar or IIB battery), or TI-30X MultiView (XS Solar or XB Battery). Candidates may use more than one of the approved calculators during an examination. Using a calculator that is not on this list will result in the disqualification of the exam.

The same calculator models are approved for use on the joint SOA/CAS examinations as well as the SOA examinations. For the Enrolled Actuaries (EA) examinations, candidates may use any model that meets the specifications of the Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries. Specifications are listed in the Joint Board’s Examination Program. All of the approved SOA models meet the specifications of the Joint Board.

Calculator instructions cannot be brought into the examination room. During the examination, the calculator must be removed from its carrying case so the supervisor can confirm it is an approved model. Candidates using a calculator other than the approved models will have their examination disqualified, which means the examination will not be graded.

Candidates are responsible for providing their own calculators. Some of the book distributors listed sell them or Texas Instruments can be contacted directly at epsstore.ti.com.

* The memory of TI–30X II (IIS solar or IIB battery), TI-30X MultiView (XS Solar or XB Battery), BA II Plus and BA II Plus Professional will need to be cleared by the examination supervisor upon the candidates’ entrance to the examination room.  For the BA II Plus and BA II Plus Professional, clearing will reset the calculator to the factory default settings.