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Fall 2008 Course Catalog


Conversion Mapping

The following table outlines the conversion mapping and additional rules for the implementation of the SOA's current system. Candidates who have exam credit dating prior to 2000 and who are interested in receiving information on prior conversions should contact Brett Rogers, the SOA Registrar at

  With Credit for Current Course Will Receive Credit for New Req/Exams/Modules  
1 Exam P, Probability
2 Exam FM, Financial Mathematics,
VEE Economics, VEE Corporate Finance
3 Exam M: Life Contingencies (MLC)
and M: Financial Economics (MFE)
4 Exam C, Construction and Evaluation
of Actuarial Models, VEE Applied Statistics
5 FAP Modules 1 through 5 and FAP exam 1
6 FSA Modules, excluding capstone module
7 FAP Modules 6 through 8,
FAP Final Assessment and Decision Making and
Communication (DMAC) module*
Either 8 or PD, but not both Exam DP, Design & Pricing, from the same
practice area as the Course 8 or stated
in the PD plan
8 and PD Exam DP, Design & Pricing and Exam CSP,
Company/Sponsor Perspective from the same
practice area as the Course 8

Additional rules and considerations:

Credits earned prior to 2000 will first be converted to the current system before applying this conversion map to determine credits under the new system.

    • All candidates with the ASA designation will retain that designation. However, in order to obtain an FSA, the candidate will need to have credit for all of the educational requirements including all portions of the new FAPCourse.

    • Canadian and U.S. Retirement candidates should visit the Transition Information for Retirement Benefits track candidates web page for information on how the conversion rules treat Courses 8P, 8R, 8RC, 8RU, and the EA Exams.


  • Conversion credit for the DMAC module does not also give credit for the FAC.

Candidates with questions on the education redesign may contact