Announcement: SOA releases March 2022 Exam P passing candidate numbers.

Fall 2008 Basic Education Catalog


General Information


Confidentiality of Examination Records

The fact that a candidate has passed an examination for credit with the SOA is considered public knowledge. Any further information about the examinations taken or grades received by a candidate is available only to that candidate and to E&E Committee Officers as required for Committee purposes. However, a candidate may request in writing to the SOA office that a designated person or institution should receive such information.

The candidate authorizes and consents to the Society using and disclosing (including, but not limited to, disclosing to the third–party contractors and service–providers of the Society) personally identifiable information about the candidate as necessary and appropriate for the purposes of registering the candidate for the exam, conducting the exam, determining the results of the exam, and communicating with the candidate regarding the results of the exam.