Change in FAP Structure


Change in FAP Structure


On October 13, 2007, the SOA Board of Directors approved the proposed change in FAP structure. FAP Exam 1 (multiple–choice, two hour exam on Modules 1–5) will change to an Interim Assessment in 2008. The last administration of FAP Exam 1 was on December 12, 2007.

Information to date:

The Interim Assessment will take the place of FAP Exam 1 and the Module 5 End–of–Module Exercise. Candidates will continue to complete and submit Module 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 exercises for SOA review.

The Interim Assessment will be released during the first quarter of 2008. Candidate progression will NOT be delayed as the timing of the release is consistent with the schedule that would have been in place if FAP Exam 1 was to be continued into 2008.

The Interim Assessment will assess candidates understanding of content, achievement of learning outcomes and ability to apply key concepts presented in Modules 1–5

The Interim Assessment will be designed to build upon the End–of–Module Exercises in Modules 1–4, will be similar in format to new forms of the Final Assessment currently in development and will help candidates prepare successfully for the Final Assessment.

Candidates who have passed FAP Exam 1 will NOT complete the Interim Assessment.

The Module 5 End–of–Module Exercise will be removed on December 1, 2007. During the transition period (i.e., between December 1 and the rollout of the Interim Assessment) candidates will be able to proceed to Module 6 BEFORE completing the Interim Assessment. When the Interim Assessment is released in 2008, candidates will submit their assessments and upon submission will get access to Module 6.

Candidates will complete the Interim Assessment under controlled conditions with formal grading (i.e., every Interim Assessment will be formally graded). Candidates will have one month to complete the Interim Assessment. A one–month personal assessment clock will start when candidates download the Interim Assessment. Candidates must submit (upload) assessment files before the clock expires. If the clock expires, the assessment will receive an automatic grade of "does not meet minimum requirements" and the SOA will be unable to reverse the decision. NO exceptions will be made.

Candidates will NOT identify a supervisor for purposes of the Interim Assessment.

Candidates MUST agree to the Terms and Conditions BEFORE accessing the Interim Assessment.

Candidates may NOT discuss the Interim Assessment with others. Online (e.g., FAP Discussion Forum and other forums) and offline discussion (before, during and after work on the Interim Assessment) is strictly prohibited.

Interim Assessment submissions MUST reflect the candidate's own work. Plagiarizing, copying or using another person's work is strictly prohibited. Distributing any assessment materials is also strictly prohibited. Candidates MUST attest to their compliance with the Terms and Conditions when they submit their Interim Assessments.

Grading will be completed within approximately seven weeks of submission. Grade notification will be sent via email. If a candidate does not meet minimum requirements on the Interim Assessment, the candidate will receive feedback in the "grade" email. Such candidates will need to reregister to take the Interim Assessment.

The Interim Assessment MUST be successfully completed (meets minimum requirements) in order to be eligible to take the Final Assessment.

Candidates who fail to upload their Interim Assessment within the required time frame and allow their clocks to expire will be graded as "Does Not Meet Minimum Requirements." Candidates will then be required to re–register and retake the Interim Assessment. No exceptions will be made.

Candidates will register in advance for the Interim Assessment (just as they would have registered for FAP Exam 1).

The fee for the Interim Assessment will be $700 (as it is taking the place of the FAP Exam 1 fee of $700).

Registration information will be forthcoming.