Fall 2008 Basic Eduation Catalog


General Information


Lost Examinations

If a completed examination answer sheet or the written answers for an examination are inadvertently lost or destroyed, the examination fee will be refunded. The SOA and any jointly administering or sponsoring organizations assume no other obligation, and candidates must take all examinations subject to this understanding. The one exception to this policy is noted in the following paragraph.

In the case of a multiple–choice examination, whenever reasonably possible, the SOA will make use of a candidate's examination book to reconstruct the answers selected by the candidate.  Where a candidate has clearly indicated the response selected for each question, the E&E Steering and Coordinating Committee can determine when the candidate demonstrates a passing performance and give that candidate a passing grade. Therefore, candidates may want to circle or otherwise clearly indicate their answer choices in the examination books. However, additional time in the examination period will not be given for candidates to do this. If a candidate receives a passing grade as a result of the review of the examination book, the examination fee will not be refunded.