Organizational Structure of Education

Organizational Structure of Education

Education System


Organizational Structure of the Education Committee

The Education Steering and Coordinating Committee oversees the basic education program of the SOA. Within this overall committee, three separate committees operate. The Curriculum Committee is responsible for the selection and development of the study material for the SOA basic educational programs. The Examination Committee is responsible for the development and grading of the examinations. The e-Learning Committee is responsible for the development, maintenance and grading of the e-Learning components. All of these committees report to the General Chairperson. Each of these committees has its own Chairperson and several General Officers.

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for determining the content of the Course of Reading and learning objectives. Input and suggestions for improvements may come from many sources, including the SOA Staff Fellows, the individual examination committees, Education Committee members, Sections and Practice Areas, the general SOA membership, academics, and candidates.

The Examination Committee consists of several individual examination committees, each responsible for specified examinations. Each examination committee develops and is responsible for the initial review of all of the questions to be included in its examinations. The committee recommends the pass marks for its examinations.

The e-Learning Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining module content and associated study materials as well as developing and maintaining the embedded activities, end of module exercises, interim assessment and final assessment, and the grading of these components.