Announcement: In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the Society of Actuaries is offering candidates in mainland China the option to reschedule or cancel exams running now through March 31. The SOA will provide a full refund for cancelled exams. Contact SOA Customer Service to reschedule or cancel your exam.  

Fall 2008 Course Catalog - Special Arrangements for Candidates with Disabilities

Exam Day Information

Arrangements for Candidates with Disabilities


A candidate with a formally diagnosed disability who needs special testing arrangements must submit a written request to Jane Lesch ( at the SOA office for each session the candidate intends to write. Documentation of the disability (e.g., physician's statement, diagnostic test results) as well as the need for special arrangements are required of each candidate; previous accommodations given to the candidate in an educational program or work setting are also considered. Requests for special arrangements and supporting documentation must be submitted at the applicant's expense, by the registration deadline for the exam.