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Spring 2008 Textbooks and Study Manuals

Spring 2008 Textbooks and Study Manuals

Information for Ordering Textbooks and Study Manuals

The Society of Actuaries provides this information as a convenience to its candidates. None of these services are sponsored or endorsed by the Society. It is not necessary to use any of these services, but many candidates choose to take advantage of them.

Distributors of Textbooks and/or Study Manuals


ACTEX Publications/Mad River Books–All Exams

  • 140 Willow Street
  • ste. 1
  • PO Box 974
  • Winsted, CT 06098
  • ph: 800.282.2839 (in the United States and Canada)
  • ph: 860.379.5470
  • f: 860.738.3152
  • e–mail:


Actuarial Bookstore–All Exams–United States and Canada


ASM (Actuarial Study Materials)–Exams P, FM, MLC, MFE, C and EA–1, EA–2A & EA–2B


BPP Professional Education–Exams P, FM, MLC, MFE, C and FAP Modules

  • P.O. Box 2100
  • Torrington, CT 06790–8100
  • ph: 860.489.6001
  • ph: 888.BPP.6001
  • f: 866.365.7657
  • e–mail:


The Edge–Retirement CSP Exams, FAP and Financial Economics FSA Modules

  • Exclusively at The Actuarial Bookstore
  • 800.582.9672 (in the United States)
  • 603.430.1252 (outside the United States)
  • e–mail:


Fertile Ground– All Exams–CANADA (formerly Evans)

  • 11 Irwin Ave
  • Toronto, ON M4Y 1L1, Canada
  • ph: 416.964.0161
  • f: 416.925.1209
  • e–mail:


G.V. Ramanathan–Exam P, MLC and MFE


Jam Study Guide–Advanced Portfolio Management


SlideRuleBooks–All Exams

  • ph: 877.40.Slide
  • f: 877.41.Slide
  • ph: 603.373.6098 (outside the United States)
  • f: 603.430.1258 (outside the United States)
  • e–mail:


Software Polish–EA–2B

  • Rick Groszkiewicz
  • 2964 Nestle Creek Dr
  • Marietta, GA 30062–4857
  • ph: 770.971.8913 (fax and voice)
  • e–mail: