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Spring 2009 Decision Making and Communication (DMAC) Module


Welcome to the Decision Making and Communication (DMAC) Module home page! Please review all of the information and links provided below.

The DMAC e–Learning Module is one part of the Capstone Experience–the final component prior to Fellowship. The Capstone Experience includes the DMAC module and the Fellowship Admissions Course (FAC). DMAC is an e–Learning module where you, as the candidate, acquire and use knowledge that is distributed and facilitated electronically. The electronic e–Learning facility will also provide information regarding any required text readings and other non–computer–based activities. There is also a project component.

The focus of the Decision Making and Communication Module is on written and oral communication skills and decision–making skills as applied to solving business problems.

The DMAC Module is required for all candidates seeking the FSA designation, regardless of specialty track.

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