SOA - Pre-Test Interactive Workbook

Pre–Test Interactive Workbook

Effective with February 2004 Pre-test

"Modeling Policyholder Outcomes under a Disability Income-Type Long-Term Care Insurance Policy," 2003 by Jones, B.L.

Note: Before you can download and run the interactive notebook above, you must purchase a copy of the CD-ROM, "Actuarial Models and Modeling: An Interactive Approach," 2000, by Jones, B.L. [ACTEX Publications] and load the CD-ROM on your computer.

The interactive notebook includes a case study with 30 exercises. The text of the interactive notebook is required reading. However, completion of the exercises, while not required, may be a valuable tool for candidates.

Although the CD-ROM software package includes reading material, required reading is limited to the content and text of the interactive notebook. Candidates will not be tested on the content of the CD-ROM.

Printing the Interactive Notebook for use at your Pre-test Administration

While the Interactive Notebook is not intended to be a printable document, you may print a copy of the notebook text and bring it to the administration of the pre-test along with your study notes. Please be aware that some candidates have had difficulty printing the notebook text. When you open the interactive notebook it is generally in a window that is not full screen. Be sure to print the notebook without maximizing the window. If you still have problems printing the tables in the notebook, these can be cut and pasted fairly easily into a blank document that can be printed."

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