Review and Development of Course of Reading

The syllabus is reviewed regularly by members of the Curriculum Committee. Both short–term and long–term goals for improvement are developed. Textbooks and articles may be selected or Study Notes (SNs) developed to be included in the syllabus. From time to time, new textbooks are written for the specific purpose of inclusion in the syllabus.

If new study material needs to be developed, or existing material needs to be revised, authors and reviewers who are experts in the area are recruited. Every effort is made to develop material that is appropriate, relevant, up–to–date, concise and well written. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome and should be sent to the Education Department of the SOA office in care of

Every effort is made to present educational material clearly and unambiguously. Occasionally, however, errors do occur. Candidates who believe that they have found an error in any study material should write to the Education Department at the SOA office in care of so that any necessary corrective action may be taken.