SOA Code of Conduct for Candidates

The Society of Actuaries' (SOA) Board of Directors took steps to maintain the value of its credentials by approving the implementation of a Code of Conduct for Candidates at its October 2008 board meeting. The Code requires that actuarial candidates who are not yet members of the SOA adhere to the high standards of conduct of the actuarial profession.

The Code of Conduct for Candidates was effective December 1, 2008. At its October 2015 meeting the SOA Board approved revisions. These revisions make it clear that candidates are expected to “act with courtesy and professional respect in all interactions with the SOA.” SOA candidates are required to agree to adhere to the SOA Code of Conduct for Candidates when registering for any of the components of the Education system. This policy supports the fine reputation of the profession.

Policy and Procedures for Disciplinary Action Related to the Code of Conduct for Candidates.