SOA releases passing candidate numbers for March 2021 Exam IFM.

Examples of Improper Examination Conduct

Candidates must not give or receive assistance of any kind during the examination. Any cheating, any attempt to cheat, assisting others to cheat, or participating therein, or engaging in such improper conduct as listed below is a serious violation and will generally result in the SOA disqualifying the candidate's paper, and such other disciplinary action as may be deemed appropriate. Disqualifying an exam means that the exam will not be graded. Candidates agree when registering for an examination to be bound by the Examination Rules and Regulations.

  1. Gaining access to examination questions before the examination
  2. Using an unauthorized calculator or other mechanical aid that is not permitted
  3. Looking in the examination book before the instruction to begin is given
  4. Marking or otherwise writing on the examination book or answer sheet before the instruction to begin is given
  5. Making any changes, additions, deletions, or otherwise marking, erasing or writing on the examination book or answer sheet after the time for the examination has expired
  6. Having access to or consulting notes or books during the examination
  7. Looking at or copying from another candidate's paper
  8. Enabling another candidate to copy from one's paper
  9. Talking or otherwise communicating with another candidate during the examination
  10. Disturbing other candidates during the examination
  11. Consulting other persons outside the examination room during the examination
  12. Copying questions, answers, or answer choices onto paper or into a calculator to take from the examination room
  13. Taking an examination book from the examination room
  14. Taking an examination for another candidate
  15. Arranging to have another person take an examination for the candidate
  16. Threatening or physically or verbally abusing a supervisor or proctor responsible for curbing or reporting improper conduct
  17. Disclosing the contents of an examination to any other person
  18. Presenting false information on an examination application
  19. Failing to remain in the examination room for a minimum of two hours, the duration of the exam, or a 30 minute minimum for the afternoon portion of an examination that has distinct morning and afternoon segments
  20. Accessing or using a communication device (PDA, cell phone, etc.) during the exam or while at the exam site.
  21. Failing to follow other examination instructions