Timing of Syllabus Publication

The final syllabus for each exam is published approximately six months prior to the exam administration date (i.e., the syllabus will be published in the Fall for the upcoming Spring exams, and will be published in the Spring for the upcoming Fall exams).

In general it is the intent of the SOA, however, to fully update the syllabus for the FSA-level exams only once each year. While we reserve the right to make changes to the syllabus every six months, we typically expect that the syllabus published following the full annual update will generally apply for the two ensuing administrations of each FSA-level exam.

Should the need to make interim changes to the syllabus occur, for example, due to new textbook editions, changes to the case study, significant developments affecting exam topics, etc., such changes will be reflected on the syllabus applicable to the second exam administration following the full syllabus update. Our expectation is that if interim syllabus changes are made, they will be announced well in advance of the following exam administration. If interim syllabus changes are made, all changes will be prominently noted on the Updates page when the interim syllabus is published.

Due to the exam and module changes that will be rolled out for most of the FSA tracks beginning in late 2018 and continuing through 2021, candidates are advised to refer to the syllabus provided for their exam sitting or the exam’s Updates page to determine the length of time a particular syllabus will be in effect.