Creating/Updating Actuarial College Listing

Updating your university or college listing is easy! It may be updated at any time using the online Update Form.

The Actuarial College List consists of four categories for which a school may qualify.

  • Introductory Undergraduate
  • Advanced Undergraduate
  • Graduate–Education
  • Graduate–Education and Research

To qualify for one of the four categories each program must satisfy all criteria shown in the Categorization Criteria table.

It should be noted that the curriculum criterion only requires that a course is available and has been taught at least once within the last two years (new courses, within the next two years). The curriculum criterion does not require the course be compulsory for graduation. It is envisioned that schools in the first three categories will be focused primarily on student education, whereas schools in the last category would have a significant emphasis on research and Ph.D. possibilities. Institutions not qualifying for the categories above but providing guidance and/or classes for students interested in pursuing an actuarial career will be classified as "Other."

Please contact Antonia Coffelt if you have any questions or need additional information. Thank you for supporting the listing of academic institutions offering actuarial science-related curriculum.