University Outreach Program


The SOA’s University Outreach program brings the SOA to you! Via University Outreach, SOA staff and local actuaries come together for interactive presentations on university campuses. This student-focused event consists of a moderated panel discussion featuring actuaries local to your area and currently practicing, ready to share insights into the daily work of an actuary, how they pursued the actuarial profession, and about opportunities for new actuaries entering into the field. SOA staff also shares the latest information on the SOA Education Pathway and resources for students.

On-Campus Visits

SOA staff travel is determined by resources available for the academic year. As such, the number of University Outreach visits and the areas visited is limited. Standard University Outreach events last around 1.5 hours and include a Q&A session. While SOA staff is on campus, they are happy to arrange an informal meeting with faculty and advisors to discuss any topics that may not otherwise come up during the student event, such as university curriculum, resources for faculty, and more. Due to travel restrictions currently in place due to COVID-19, all in-person events are suspended until further notice.

Virtual Visits

We are excited to bring University Outreach to you in a virtual format! Options for standalone presentations about the day in the life of an actuary, SOA exams overview, and SOA resources for students are available, along with SOA participation at virtual career fairs and conferences.

Request a Virtual Visit

Request a virtual SOA University Outreach visit via the form below! Virtual visits will be scheduled based on resources and availability.

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