Annual and Spring Meeting Summaries

Annual and Spring Meeting Summaries

by Society of Actuaries

Tom Edwalds did a great job organizing the E&R Section's 2004 Annual Meeting Sessions.

On Monday, October 25, from 10:30 a.m.-12:00 Noon, Session 18TS (co-jointly sponsored with the Computer Section), "Playing With Matches: Applications of Record Linkage Techniques and Other Data Quality Procedures" was moderated by Tom Herzog.

On Tuesday, October 26, from 7:30-8:15 a.m., Mary Hardy hosted the Education and Research Section Continental Breakfast. Mary discussed the E&R Section initiative and the August 2004 Actuarial Research Conference (ARC) and guest speakers, Lijia Guo, reported on the January 2004 Applied Actuarial Research Conference (AARC) and Dick London reported on Board action on two motions.

Tom Edwalds, Incoming Chair-Claire Bilodeau, Ian Duncan, Outgoing Chair-Mary Hardy, and Eli Donkar enjoying the Annual Meeting at the E&R Section Breakfast.

Also, on Tuesday, October 26, was Session 64PD (co-jointly sponsored with the Financial Reporting, Investment, Risk Management Sections), "Insurance Mergers and Acquisitions Specialty Reference Book: Meet the Authors," which was moderated by R. Thomas Herget and Jim Toole.

Mary Hardy and Krzysztof Ostaszewski led Session 72 TS, "Bootstrap Methods" on Tuesday, October 26, 10:30?12:00 Noon.

On Wednesday, October 27, from 10:30?12:00 Noon, Session 133 TS, "Actuarial Research Meets Actuarial Practice: Mortality Risk Modeling," was moderated by Mary Hardy and led by Sam Cox and Iain Currie.

New Orleans 2005 Spring Meeting Sessions
Eli Donkar is working on the preliminary planning for the two Spring 2005 meeting sessions in New Orleans. The Spring Meeting format has changed somewhat to allow for the possibility of an extended seminar format, although E&R will not take advantage of that format this time around. As usual, there is still a time slot allocated on one day for sessions presented by the smaller special interest sections. At both spring meetings, the E&R section plans a two-part program within one 90-minute session plus a networking breakfast. Each will be a teaching session titled "Introduction to Research Methods for Actuaries," and will feature an introductory portion on research methods coupled with a research application that is appropriate for this audience. At the Health and Pension meeting this will be moderated by Ian Duncan with panelists Henry Dove and Marjorie Rosenberg. A similar format will be used at the Life meeting, with tentative plans to have it moderated by Krzysztof Ostaszewski with panelists yet to be recruited. Eli is working with the Actuary of the Future Section on partnership for the second session dealing with education issues facing the actuarial profession.