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Section and Practice Area Evolution Initiatives

Section and Practice Area Evolution Initiatives

by Society of Actuaries

As part of the new SOA's member-focused business model, the practice area and section structures are joining together to generate broader membership input and deliver more value to the membership and the profession. Section council and practice area leaders have been working together with SOA staff to ensure that the value of practice area perspectives, projects and people is not lost.

In the future, sections will take on (in various degrees) greater responsibility for 13 broad activities identified by the sections and practice areas. SOA resources currently dedicated to the practice area structure will be redirected to support the additional commitment to the sections. More section evolution initiatives information can be found at: October 2004 Issue: SOA News Today

Claire Bilodeau and Mary Hardy represented the E&R Section at several workshops, and Claire is currently working on the section evolution transition plan. Watch future editions of Expanding Horizons for more updates on the section evolution initiatives.