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Expanding Horizons Issue 29, June 2004

A Time of Change


The position of editor for a premiere publication requires many hats–editor, associate editor, reviewer and strategic planner, to name a few. For the past three–and–a–half years, Edward W. (Jed) Frees served as the editor of the North American Actuarial Journal, graciously wearing all those hats, often simultaneously. Jed led a fine editorial team on a passionate mission to maintain the NAAJ as a top–tier actuarial science journal by embracing the original vision of past editors, Sam Cox and Mike Cowell. During his tenure, improvements were implemented to enhance the structure of the NAAJ and its many processes, broadening its exposure to the world of actuarial science.

In January of 2004, Jed stepped down, graciously handing the responsibilities of the role over to the newly–appointed editor, Harry Panjer. Before the transition, Jed reorganized the structure of the NAAJ Editorial Board by expanding the responsibilities of five associate editors, now serving as co–editors (Jeremy Gold, Mary R. Hardy, Bruce L. Jones, Elias S. W. Shiu and Virginia R. Young) and established a cohesive team dedicated to preserving the actuarial integrity of the NAAJ.

As the NAAJ continues its success as an outlet leading the way with original research and innovative applications for actuarial science, adapting to the changes of time, we look forward to the future, watching Harry's vision unfold as editor of the NAAJ.