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2007 Individual Grant Competition Announcement

2007 Individual Grant Competition

Purpose: The Actuarial Foundation's (TAF) AERF Committee of and the Society of Actuaries' Committee on Knowledge Extension Research (CKER) announce the 2007 Individual Grants Competition to support the advancement of knowledge in actuarial science. Grants will be funded through TAF and the SOA. Note: This is the only solicitation for grant proposals; one application will be used to submit proposals to both organizations. Each organization may award grants.

Who may apply: Individuals and groups may apply. Letters of intent are expected to come from:

  1. practitioners, usually where the research project is not part of their employment
  2. industry and university researchers embarking on a collaborative project
  3. academics, individual or as a team

Graduate and undergraduate students are not eligible to apply individually, but may be part of a group in one of the above categories.

Selection criteria: The project may be either theoretical or empirical in nature. A key criterion for both organizations is that the project should have the potential to contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge in actuarial science. TAF's AERF Committee gives preference to projects relating to current policy issues or having direct applications, and those that further the basic or continuing education of actuaries. Proposals for innovative developments in actuarial education also are invited for consideration.

Publication of research: The result of each research project should be a manuscript suitable for publication in a scholarly journal or as a monograph. The sponsoring organization(s) reserve the right to publish the results of any research they have funded. If this right is not exercised, suitable credit must be given the sponsoring organization(s) at the time of publication. Information on previously published manuscripts is available on TAF's website at under "Completed Research".

Research contract: The selected researcher and the sponsoring organization(s) will enter into a formal contractual arrangement. Oversight will be coordinated by the funding organization(s).

Intent to propose: Interested parties must submit a brief letter of intent (1–2 pages) outlining the nature of the research project, a rough estimate of the funding requirements, the anticipated distribution of results and the qualifications of the applicant(s). Letters should be submitted to Sheree Baker ( by October 16, 2006.

Application form: Application forms will be distributed by November 21, 2006, to researchers being invited to submit proposals for funding consideration. Completed application forms are due by January 3, 2007.

Awards Grant: Awards will be announced by March 15, 2007.

Questions to: Curtis E. Huntington, Chairperson of TAF's AERF Committee and CKER; ph: 734.763.0293; f: 734.764.7048; e–mail: