Professional Development

The International Actuarial Association (IAA) held its Council and Committee meetings in Mexico City on April 15 to 18. There were 167 delegates attending the meetings. The IAA was founded in 1895, and is the worldwide association regrouping local professional actuarial associations and their individual actuaries. There are currently 56 Full Member associations from 49 countries. The IAA exists to encourage, throughout the world, the development of a global profession, acknowledged as technically competent and professionally reliable.

The IAA is the unique international organization dedicated to the research, education and development of the profession and of actuarial associations. In order to encourage actuarial research and development in particular areas of practice, the IAA has created specialized Sections whose membership is open to its members. There are currently seven sections in the IAA. For more information visit

There are also 15 committees, among there the Committee on Education, which is of particular relevance to the SoA Section on Education and Research since it has the mandate to determine whether the education system or program of a specific association meets the standards set down in the IAA Education Guidelines. Two members of the E&R Section belong to this committee: Curtis Huntington and Enrique de Alba.

Curtis Huntington presented a proposal to the Member Services Committee of the IAA for the creation of a new IAA Section on Research and Education. The proposal was approved in principle, but with the request that its mandate be reviewed so that it may be presented for approval before the IAA Council at its next meeting in Dublin, Ireland, in October.