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43rd Actuarial Research Conference

43rd Actuarial Research Conference

(August 14–16, 2008, Regina, SK)

By Lawrence D. Miller


The 2008 version of the Actuarial Research Conference (ARC) was successfully held at the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, from August 14–16, 2008. Volunteers at the university and staff at the Society of Actuaries worked hard to present a well–organized conference.

Approximately 35 presentations were made on a wide range of topics, with no particular topical area or institution dominating. The surroundings and weather were comfortable, and about 50 attendees enjoyed the presentations and participated in questions and discussions. The attendees included visitors from several countries around the world, with the majority from North America.

Each day of the conference included something special to keep interest high. On Thursday, Dr. Jim Tomkins, president of the University of Regina and a mathematician, welcomed conference attendees. A keynote address on "The Role of Research in Health System Reform" was presented by Dr. Greg Marchildon, a noted health system researcher. On Friday, prospective changes to actuarial education and the role of academia were presented and discussed actively. Also, after a long day of work, attendees enjoyed a private visit to the beautiful new RCMP (Mounties) Heritage Centre, a museum, and a fine banquet onsite. On Saturday morning, participants enjoyed special back–to–back presentations by actuary John Manistre on two of his research papers that have won prizes for excellence in recent times.

This successful 43rd ARC ended at noon on Saturday. Participants were generally pleased with the facilities, the food and the content of the conference. While attendance was somewhat lower this year, that did not detract from the quality of the program. All attendees were able to enjoy all sessions. Also, each session had sufficient time available for cogent presentation and ensuing discussion. The 43rd ARC continued the long tradition of excellence the conference has always enjoyed. Please see Jed Frees' article on the 2009 conference to see how you can participate in next year's ARC.