Editor's Note

Editor's Note

by Steve Konnath, Editor of This Issue

Yes, we've gone MaD! We've been the Marketing and Distribution Section for several months now and everyone seems to like the new name and the new mission. While we're not walking away from our past emphasis on direct marketing, credit insurance and other non-traditional products and approaches, we're more well-rounded now by focusing on all marketing and distribution approaches.

Our goal with this newsletter is to serve and inform our membership. We're working hard to keep you informed about section activities and also about industry news. To this end, please check out Rob Stone's article about subject matter experts. If I can slightly twist the famous Jerry McGuire quote, 'Help us help you.' We're looking for people to step up and be recognized as subject matter experts on a wide variety of topic areas. This is an opportunity for you to get involved and get industry recognition. It also helps our section members and members of the SOA by providing relevant and timely information. Please read Rob's article and contact us if you'd like to help out.

We have other great articles including Part 2 of Charles Thalheimer's article on change management. We also have Arthur Middleton Hughes' article on prospect marketing databases and Carrie Hollenberg's article on better messaging for Baby Boomers. And finally, we have Stephanie M. Shirley's article on successful bank platforms and the PIMA 2005 Marketing Method Award Winners from their MARKETTECHSM SYMPOSIUM.

We keep working hard to keep improving our newsletter for you. Here's a couple of things were doing to better serve you:

  1. We're working on unbundling all of our future articles in our publications so that they can be stored and searched individually on the SOA Web site. This will make it easier for you to find the information that you need without having to review each newsletter for relevant content. We'll keep you informed on our progress with this.
  2. We're adding a section to the newsletter called 'The MaD Bulletin Board.' We will post all future section meetings and conference calls and we will post major industry meetings and conferences.

As always, if there is something you'd like to see or if there are things we can do for you to better serve you, please contact us. We're all ears and we're all eager.

Editorial Correction
NewsDirect gratefully acknowledges the contributions of authors who have made presentations or have been published previously. Our January issue included incorrect contact information for one of the authors of the article 'Bridging the Distribution Gap: A Dynamic New Role for Actuaries.'

Here is the correct information:

Anand Deo is president of Acting Agent, Inc., in Minneapolis, Minn. He can be reached at anand.deo@actingagent.biz