Keeping Current about Underwriting

News Direct – Number 56 | June 2007

Keeping Current about Underwriting

By Jay M. Jaffe

Most actuaries involved with life or health insurance know of Hank George. Hank is an underwriting expert and consultant. What you may not know about Hank's work is that in addition to his underwriting resources business and speaking activities he also produces several e-publications. A brief description of what's available from Hank follows:

HOT NOTES: This is a FREE monthly publication. It focuses on industry and medical issues for mortality and morbidity. It has 700 or so readers, 450 from the United States and Canada, and the rest from the United Kingdom, Australia and many other countries.

E-SCAN. This is also a FREE publication, but is bi-monthly. The focus of this report is morbidity issues (health, LTC and DI.). It now has 250 readers (mainly U.S. based).

JOURNALSCAN: This is a subscription-based bi-monthly publication that is medically oriented and comparatively technical. It has 220 subscribing companies (mostly United States and Canada). The cost is $109.50 per year for a subscription.

Anyone interested in receiving FREE sample copies of any or all of these e-publications should contact Esther Ledesma at Hank is a great friend of the SOA. Actuaries may either want to get the publications or refer them to their companies' underwriters.

Jay M. Jaffe, FSA, MAAA, is president of Actuarial Enterprises Ltd. He can be contacted at 312.397.0099 or