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News Direct, June 2007, Table of Contents

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<!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="Header" --> <h2 class="textPageSubheadNews"> News Direct &#8211; Number 56 | June 2007 </h2> <!-- InstanceEndEditable --> <table width="600" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr> <td> <!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="Table" --> <p class="boldSubhead">Marketing and Distribution Section</p> <p class="boldItalic">&ldquo;A Knowledge Community For The Society Of Actuaries&rdquo;</p> <hr/> <ul class="no_bullet"><li><label><a href="/professional-interests/marketing-and-distribution/mad-marketing-and-distribution-detail.aspx">MAD Section</a></label> </li> <li>Listing of MAD Council and Representatives</li></ul> <ul class="no_bullet"> <li><label><a href="edi2007june.aspx">Editor's Note</a></label></li> <li>by Nancy Manning</li></ul> <ul class="no_bullet"> <li><label><a href="cha2007june.aspx">Chairperson's Corner</a></label></li> <li>by Juliet Sandrowicz</li> </ul> <label><a href="2002007june.aspx">2006 Marketing and Distribution Section Product Implementation</a></label> </ul> <ul class="no_bullet"> <li>Survey&#8211;Summary of Results</li> <li>by Jeanne Daharsh and Van Beach</li> </ul> <ul class="no_bullet"> <li> <label><a href="the2007june.aspx">The Death of Telemarketing Had Been Exaggerated ... Or Has It?</a></label> </li> <li>by Jon Hamilton</li> </ul> <ul class="no_bullet"> <li><label><a href="cus2007june.aspx">Customers for a Lifetime</a></label></li> <li>by Arthur Middleton Hughes</li> </ul> <ul class="no_bullet"> <li><label><a href="kee2007june.aspx">Keeping Current about Underwriting</a></label></li> <li>by Jay M. Jaffe</li> </ul> <ul class="no_bullet"> <li><label><a href="mee2007june.aspx">Meeting Call Center Forecasting Challenges In A Direct Marketing Operation</a></label></li> <li>by Peter Varisco</li> </ul> <ul class="no_bullet"> <li> <label><a href="5th2007june.aspx">5th Annual Insurance Direct Forum &amp; e-Commerce Assembly: Integrated Marketing</a></label> </li> </ul> <ul class="no_bullet"> <li><label><a href="avo2007june.aspx">Avoiding Common Marketing Mistakes In An Internet World</a></label></li> <li>by Warren Hunter</li> </ul> <ul class="no_bullet"> <li><label><a href="mad2007june.aspx">SOA &rsquo;07 Annual Meeting &amp; Exhibit &ndash; Moving Ideas Forward</a></label></li> </ul> <ul class="no_bullet"> <li><label><a href="bul2007june.aspx">Bulletin Board</a></label></li> <li>Events of Interest</li> </ul> <!-- InstanceEndEditable --> </td> </tr> </table>