Editor’s Column

NewsDirect–Issue Number 58

Editor's Column

By Nancy Manning

NewsDirect is undergoing a redesign! The MAD Section Council is working with SOA staff to design and implement a new format. We are moving to the next generation of electronic newsletters–one that will incorporate design features consistent with SOA standards and that will give you, our section members, more flexibility in accessing the newsletter. The plan is to have the new format in place for our next edition, scheduled for publication in September.

While in the redesign phase, NewsDirect will come to you in our current e–mail newsletter format. This edition is brief, but purposeful. There is an article by Patrick Leary, associate managing director at LIMRA International, entitled, "Banks Sell Life Insurance? That's News to Me!" My column serves the critical purpose of informing you about what MAD is doing.

In early April, the MAD Section Council held its annual face–to–face meeting at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, in conjunction with the Life Conference. The council continues to focus its efforts on delivering value to our members. We are actively involved in educational events, including planning for the 8th Annual Product Development Actuary Symposium (May 5–6, 2008, Tampa, Fla.), the 2008 Spring Life Meeting (June 16–18, Quebec City, Canada) and the 2008 Annual Meeting & Exhibit (October 19–22, Orlando, Fla.). Our other areas of focus are research and information sharing.

Thanks to Patrick Leary for providing a synopsis of a past SOA meeting session on banks and life insurance. Thanks also to our SOA staff support, Meg Weber and Christy Cook, for providing synopses of the planned sessions for Quebec City and Orlando.

The MAD Section Council is here to serve you. NewsDirect is a vital link to our members. If you have ideas, suggestions, articles, letters to the editor, or other pertinent information that you'd like to see included in a future edition of our newsletter, we want to hear from you! As always, thank you for your support.