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Editorial: A Fond Farewell

Editorial: A Fond Farewell

This issue is my last as editor. As I leave, I think about changes that we have made over the past three years and some changes that are being implemented as I write. The most noticeable is the move from a newsletter format to a glossy, four-color magazine.

Prior to this, we had already transitioned from a single topic focus to an approach with more diverse content in each issue. At the same time, less visible work was done behind the scenes to ensure that the business of publishing the magazine conformed with the SOA's new section driven model. As part of this new approach, we will be replacing the existing volunteer structure with a new structure consisting of an editorial board of eight to 10 equally ranked editors. Each editor will be linked to one or more special interest sections. My role as lead volunteer editor will be eliminated. While this new structure will help to move The Actuary forward, I regret that I will not have the privilege of passing the editorial baton to one of the excellent associate editors who have diligently assisted me over the past few years.

I would like to thank the Board Advisory Group on Publications (BAGP), which worked very hard to restructure The Actuary magazine and other publications. Specifically, I thank BAGP members Tom Bakos, Tom Herget, Shirly Shao and Dick Wendt for their great contribution to this publication. It was a privilege working with them. As part of an SOA committee review, driven by a recent governance audit, the work of the BAGP has been transitioned to a new position, Marketing and Communications Staff Partner. In this new role, Bruce Schobel has volunteered his time to continue the important work of the BAGP as well as taking on some new initiatives.

Mostly, I want to thank the associate editors, contributing editors, puzzle editors and SOA staff who contributed so much to The Actuary over the last three years. I will not list them all. I would like to specifically mention Morris Fishman, who worked as my assistant editor for three years and as associate editor for another three. He deserves combat pay. I will personally double what the SOA paid him.

Finally, I would like to thank you, the readers of The Actuary. Your compliments, complaints and suggestions have helped us improve the quality of this publication. I have enjoyed my time as editor. I now, happily, join your ranks as a reader.

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