The Actuary Magazine–December 2006

The Actuary Magazine–December 2006

The Actuary Magazine December 2006


A Higher Level of Abstraction

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The SOA At Work

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    The Path Less Traveled...

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    Restructuring Retirement Risks

  • Features

    Ethically Speaking

    To teach or not to teach–ethics that is. Find out why some say it is absolutely necessary.

    Not Such A Great Controversy

    After many trips to the marriage counselor, mathematics and physics are once again getting along.

    Optimizing Insurance ALM And Investments: A Market Survey

    Benchmarking is one of the best ways to see how a company is doing. Read this article about a recent industry survey and find out how your company measures up.

    The Way It Was

    Did you know that actuaries used to have to walk uphill in knee–deep snow every day to and from work? Tales from the past come to life in this reminiscent article.

    The Crisis In Healthcare Cost In The United States–An Actuary's Perspective

    This author suggests that the term crisis may be incorrect and that the focus of concern shouldn't necessarily been on healthcare cost, but perhaps insurance cost and availability.

    Allstate: An ERM Case Study

    Climb aboard for a re-telling of Allstate's journey to an enhanced process for managing risk and better risk opportunity exploitation.