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The Actuary Magazine–December/January 2008

The Actuary Magazine–December/January 2008

The Actuary Magazine December/January 2008 Cover


On Business Strategy
Looking for a way to succeed in the areas of strategy and general management? It could be as simple as expanding your knowledge base.
By Carlos Sanchez–Fuentes

Envisioning Your Business Summit: The Parallels Between Consulting Success and Climbing a Mountain
It takes great planning to make it all the way to the top. Read this article to find out
if you have all the pieces in place before you begin your journey.
By John McQuaig

Sticky Luck
An explanation of why patterns exist in the market yet don't change expected returns.
By Mark O'Reilly

An Analysis of Risk Management Terminology
Learn to speak to individuals from different industries about the important topic of Enterprise Risk Management.
By Shinichi Kamiya, Peng Shi, Joan Schmit and Marjorie Rosenberg

Microfinance and Microinsurance—Tools for Poverty Alleviation
Actuaries are in a perfect position to help end poverty through the use of microfinance and microinsurance.
By Shiraz Jetha

By Sue Reitz

Letter From The President
By Bruce Schobel

Department Spotlight

Pioneers Focus On: A. Haeworth Robertson
By Sam Phillips

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