Letter to the Editor

Dear sirs:
I liked Gord Creber's article "A Principles–Based Valuation System: Is It the Answer for Canada?" in your October issue. The only problem I had with it was the title. As Mr. Creber pointed out in the article, Canada has had a principles-based reserving system since the early 1990s. Perhaps this was merely a case of a headline writermissing the point?

A. David Pelletier
Toronto, Canada

Mr. Pelletier,
You are correct in your assumption regarding the title of Gordon Creber's article–it was written by the associate editor of The Actuary magazine. Neither the author nor the contributing editors should be held responsible for its inaccuracies. The staff of The Actuary apologizes for any confusion or inconvenience created by the title of the article.

Sam Phillips, associate editor