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Eight Tips for Your Spring Update

Eight Tips for Your Spring Update

By Maureen C. Costello

It's spring somewhere in the world! As a sign of celebration and renewal, many people use this time to freshen up their closets and revamp their look for the coming season of summer in the northern hemisphere.

  1. Dust off the mirror and try on clothes. One of the things that keeps us from looking our professional best is our resistance to looking in the mirror. The mirror reflects the truth of where we need to start the process.

  3. Ask a friend. Ask a friend and a family member which areas need updating. It is very difficult to self analyze, so ask the opinion of your trusted advisors—Does this really fit? Is this too worn in the knee? Are these glasses dated?

  5. Set an update goal. There is nothing like a class reunion or an annual conference to create an incentive to complete the task of cleaning the closet, getting to the tailor and ordering new glasses. Check your calendar and mark your goal date to set aside the time to make it happen.

  7. Clean out your closet. Cleaning your closet is one of the best ways to see what you have and make sure the items are really accessible. Can you retrieve items when you want them and know exactly where they are? One of my favorite sites is

  9. Create a list of replacement pieces. Once you have gone through your closet, make a list of items that need replacing or updating. Usually those items are the basics: black trousers, navy suit, new blouse and different belt colors.

  11. Make your hair style, glasses and make–up lesson appointments. The best practice of many is to set aside one day to get all your appointments completed along with getting the eye exam and selection completed. If you have an AARP or Triple AAA card you are eligible for large discounts at places like LensCrafters®.

  13. Go shopping for the items on your list. Here again, set aside one day to shop for the items on your list—beware that this is an incremental process and you may not find everything. Shop on a week day for best service, which also saves you time. Remember your coupons! If you go to a certain shopping center you can download a map of all the stores so you can plan your day.

  15. Go to the tailor. Try this if the place you shopped did not offer tailoring as part of the service. Ask around and you will be surprised how many people will come to your home, or have a small business in a lower rent area of your town. Remember too that some dry cleaners offer basic tailoring services. Allow seven to 10 days for tailoring.

Maureen Costello, M.A., CIP, is a principal with Image Launch LLC in Lake Forest, Ill. She can be reached at or 847.482.1610.