How to Obtain ENROLLED ACTUARY (EA) Credit

Follow these Guidelines:

Due to stricter guidelines for verifying and documenting attendance for Enrolled Actuary (EA) credit qualifying webcasts, the following steps will be taken. Any discrepancies in the information provided, number of registrants and length of time logged into the webcast, will result in no certificates being issued. Credit will not be issued to individuals for request forms and sign-in sheets received after the deadline noted in the evaluation/EA instruction email sent following the webcast. The SOA will only issue credit to individuals where correct/complete information is received – there will not be follow-up emails requesting missing information as in the past.

  1. Verification of the length of time each registrant is logged into the webcast. We receive a report from our webcast vendor with the list of people logged in and the length of time they are logged in. In order to receive credit, you must be logged in for the entire length of the webcast.
  2. “Formal Program” credit for a webcast as defined by the JBEA regulations is based on there being at least three total participants (in addition to any instructor) engaged in substantive pension service, in the same physical location for the entirety of the webcast. An SOA sign–in sheet is required to be completed and returned to the SOA following the webcast as documentation for any site registration (groups of three or more participants in the same room). The SOA provides a sign-in sheet with the webcast instructions. Immediately following the webcast, the completed form must be returned to
  3. Each person seeking EA credit for participating in the webcast must complete an online request form immediately following the webcast testifying to his/her attendance for the entirety of the webcast. An email with instructions and a link to the online form will be sent following the webcast to whomever placed the order for the webcast. That person is responsible for forwarding that email to all participants seeking EA credit. The request form will be deactivated immediately after the due date noted in the email.
  4. For groups of 3 or more participants in a room, the request forms will be matched up to the sign-in sheet as part of our verification process, so please be sure that anyone seeking EA credit submits their request by the deadline indicated in the email with the link to the online form.