Competency Framework Self-Assessment Tool

The  SOA Competency Framework Self-Assessment Tool helps uncover technical and non-technical skills you may wish to update or improve.

Begin Your SOA Self-Assessment

SOA Competency Framework Self-Assessment Tool: Take a few minutes to rate a series of statements about the technical expertise, business acumen and professionalism that you feel actuaries need. Once you've completed the ratings, you'll get results that point to the competencies you should focus on when choosing professional development opportunities. It's that easy!  Start now.

Plan and Track Your SOA Professional Development

SOA Competency Framework Personal Planning Workbook: A complimentary tool to the self-assessment, this spreadsheet-based planner is an easy way to organize, design and track your professional development.
Use it now.

Let us know what you think: When you've completed your self-assessment, please feel free to send us your feedback at