2020 Board Member Candidate

Terry M. Long, FSA 1981, MAAA
Senior Vice President & Principal
Lewis & Ellis, Inc.

Election Message:           

I have been honored to serve on the SOA Board the last three years and am excited about the opportunity to continue.  I am excited about the strategic initiatives and direction of the SOA, especially those related to Professional Development and the Long-Term Growth Strategy.  Most of my volunteer activities have focused on professional development. These include working with Sections, various SOA meeting program committees, the Professional Development Committee and the Professional Development and Engagement Redesign Task Force. During my time on the PDC, we have focused on improving the SOA’s continuing education efforts to members and strategic markets.  One of the goals of the PD Redesign Task Force was to expand delivery modes for professional development.  While we are still learning ways to improve, the efforts of many dedicated volunteers have paid off with the move to virtual meetings in response to the pandemic.  I look forward to the opportunity to help guide additional changes and improvements in the SOA’s professional development programs over the next three years. 

The SOA is facing other challenges and opportunities.  These include the growth of data science and artificial intelligence, the need for actuaries in other countries and the desire to create a stronger SOA through diversity.  Varying degrees of progress have been made in all these areas but there is still much to do and the Board is committed to doing so.

I am proud to call myself an actuary and am thankful to the SOA for helping to make that happen.  Thank you for your support and I would be honored to serve as one of your Board Members for another three years. Please contact me at TLong@LewisEllis.com if you have any questions.

Brief description of current work:           

I have been with Lewis & Ellis for more than 30 years, specializing in life insurance and annuities. I have been an owner and director of the firm for more than 25 years. My work with small to mid-size life insurance companies includes product development and pricing, asset adequacy analysis, financial reporting, valuation, modeling and appraisals for mergers and acquisitions. I have also assisted various state insurance departments and have provided expert testimony.

Primary Area(s) of Practice (per SOA Directory):            

Life Insurance


I am a Senior Vice President and Consulting Actuary at Lewis & Ellis, Inc. in Overland Park, Kansas. My experience is primarily with individual life insurance and annuity product development, reserving, modeling, financial reporting and expert testimony. I also work with regulators and audit firms. I joined L&E in 1986. Prior to joining L&E, I worked at Business Men’s Assurance in the reinsurance and individual life product development areas. I am a past Chair and Council Member of the Smaller Insurance Company Section and continue as a Friend of the Council. I am currently serving my second term as a member of the SOA’s Professional Development Committee.