2020 Board Member Candidate

Dave Sandberg, FSA 2001, MAAA, CERA, FCA
Senior Consultant - Charles Rivers Associates 
Consultant - Risk & Regulatory Consulting
Advisor – SDRefinery AI

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Election Message:           

The events of 2020 have brought great increases in global risk and uncertainty. I was gratified to see the SOA respond throughout the many countries we serve, with appropriate first steps to address the immediate needs of:

  • Exam offerings
  • Professional Development Delivery
  • A deepened appreciation for comprehensive approaches to inclusion and engagement with each other and the outside world.

This work is due to the able and dedicated efforts of staff and volunteers. It is also due to the SOA’s focus on renewed strategic planning and the continual monitoring of external macro changes. Innovations that were seen as perhaps a several year journey of discussion and possible implementation were able to be accelerated and implemented this spring to address our drastically changed environment. But additional work is needed to continue to address and adapt to a world where paradigm shifts and events will impact and stress society in new ways.

How can we continue to provide professional services for the sustainable management of risk and uncertainty in significantly shifting environments?

The journey to address this question will be longer than any individual three-year stint of service to the profession. Thus, the critical aspect of my engagement will be to ensure and enhance the continued resiliency and engagement of the Board, SOA staff, volunteer leadership and members to look beyond business as usual and lean into the future in a critical and opportunistic manner.

Brief description of current work:

Consulting and Expert Witness Work

Primary Area(s) of Practice (per SOA Directory):

Life and Risk Management


My background includes a rich diversity of experiences:

  • My 30 years at Allianz included five distinct work environments:
    • Small start-up with 100 employees.
    • Mid-sized publicly traded life company
    • Integration of two US companies reporting to a foreign parent
    • Managing Government Relations
    • Navigating the public dialogue and conversations on retirement security and the role of systemically important financial institutions.
  • 20+ years of engaged conversation with actuaries from around the world through my participation at the International Actuarial Association.
  • Five years at an individual health company
  • Began my exams after my first daughter was born and finished them as she graduated from High School!
  • Two additional children born along the exam journey trail.
  • Intermittent participation in choirs and orchestras, competitive volleyball and basketball and local church service opportunities.
  • Support for and participation in Affirmation as a LGBTQ ally
  • Participation in and support of MN NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)