2020 Board Member Candidate

Nazir Valani
Valani Global

Election Message:           

After a successful and rewarding career (featured in an SOA video titled “Society of Achievers”, awarded SOA President’s Award in 2018), I want to give back.

  1. SOA Strategic Plan: Assist SOA in coming up with the next 5-year Strategic Plan. Worked on this for Boards.
  2. Long Term Growth Strategy: On the SOA’s Employers Council and “focus group”.
  3. Global Strategy & Reach: Big supporter of the SOA (Corporate Sponsor) and attend meetings and work globally.
  4. Entrepreneur: Started company, went from one-person shop to second largest life actuarial practice in Canada, sold to KPMG, and started second company.

Brief description of current work:

  • I work globally in Canada, US, Caribbean, and Asia.
  • Member of SOA Employers Council.
  • Board Chair on one not-for-profit company, Board member on a second not-for-profit company.
  • Two start-up companies.
  • Recipient of SOA President’s Award 2018.
  • Featured in SOA “Society of Achievers”.
  • Recognized as one of the Global Leading Actuaries 2015 in a magazine.

Primary Area(s) of Practice (per SOA Directory):

Life Insurance, Health Insurance


Valani Global

Nazir is President & Co-Founder of Valani Global, a global actuarial consulting firm which was formed in January 2019. Valani Global is a Partner Alliance member of Moody’s Analytics and specializes in actuarial modelling using Moody’s software solutions AXIS and RiskIntegrity IFRS 17.

Before starting Valani Global, Nazir worked at KPMG LLP Partner & North American Leader, AXIS Implementation. He was also the National Leader for the Canadian Actuarial Practice. Prior to KPMG, Nazir started a life actuarial consulting firm and developed it from a one-person shop to the second largest life actuarial practice in Canada. Prior to this, he worked in the insurance industry and at GGY AXIS which is now owned by Moody’s Analytics.

Nazir received the SOA President’s Award in 2018 and was featured in an SOA “Society of Achievers” video. He was recognized as one of the global leading actuaries in 2015. He is the Chair on the Board of Hospice Toronto and also on the Board of The Neighborhood Organization.