The North American Actuarial Journal (NAAJ) - FAQ's

I am an SOA member, how do I access the NAAJ?
Full text of articles, discussions and other content for current and back issues of the NAAJ may now be accessed on Taylor & Francis Online. As a member, you may access NAAJ content on for free. Click here for instructions on how to best access the NAAJ content via

I am not an SOA member, how do I access the NAAJ?
Non-members can purchase articles and subscriptions to the journal via Click here for instructions on how to best access the NAAJ content via

I have a paid subscription, how do I access the NAAJ?
Paid subscribers can view full text articles and content, please sign in directly to with your Taylor & Francis login credentials. Click here for instructions on how to best access the NAAJ content via

Why can I no longer access the full text article on
The SOA partners with Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group to publish the North American Actuarial Journal. Full text of articles, discussions and other content for current and back issues of the NAAJ are now hosted on Taylor & Francis Online, the online platform for Taylor & Francis Group content. provides the NAAJ with an enhanced online presence and offers our members and subscribers a number of new features.

How do I search for a paper on

Enter your search terms into the search box on the homepage.
See tips for searching on

I’ve found an article on Taylor & Francis online, how do I get access?
SOA Members
NAAJ Subscribers

What new features does Taylor & Francis online offer to NAAJ users?
Designed in collaboration with librarians, researchers and scholars, Taylor & Francis Online is dedicated to the varied needs of our user communities. The online platform brings knowledge to life with a clean, intuitive user interface and enhanced discoverability for journals and reference works.

  • Account features to allow readers and researchers to set up RSS feeds and alerts, save searches, and create shortlists.
  • A wealth of features to allow librarians to manage authentication, usage statistics and linking
  • An Authors and Editors’ Area with links to a specialized author services website, ways to promote your work and author FAQs.

*please note that account features are only accessible after creating an account with Taylor & Francis online.

Where can I access an archive of all NAAJ issues?
Taylor and Francis online hosts an archive of all NAAJ issues.

How do I subscribe to the NAAJ?
Please visit the subscriptions page on for pricing information and to subscribe to the NAAJ.

I am an SOA member, how do I opt-in to receive a print copy of the NAAJ?
In response to member feedback, the North American Actuarial Journal is now published in electronic format. If you wish to continue receiving a print copy, you may opt-in under the ‘‘My Profile’’ section on

To opt-in follow the directions below:

  1. Log-in to the SOA member account.
  2. Login with your SOA username and password.
  3. From the ‘‘My Account’’ drop down menu, choose ‘‘My Opt In/Opt Out.’’
  4. Follow the directions on the top of the ‘‘My Opt In/Opt Out’’ page.

For further assistance, please contact the SOA customer service department at

I haven’t received my print copy of the NAAJ, who do I contact?
If you have opted in to receive a print copy of the NAAJ and have not received your print copy, please contact

How do I get published in the NAAJ?
The NAAJ contains scholarly material such as research, survey, synthesis, practice and educational papers. The NAAJ is refereed; all papers are reviewed by subject matter experts. Members and nonmembers may submit papers for publication. Papers can be submitted via our online submission system. For complete instructions on submitting a paper or discussion to the NAAJ, please see the writing opportunities page, or download North American Actuarial Journal (NAAJ) Author Guidelines.

How do I request a reprint of a paper or permission to republish a paper?
Taylor & Francis is partnered with the Copyright Clearance Center, and all permissions requests should be submitted directly through Taylor & Francis Online. You’ll find a “Reprints & Permissions” tab on any article page, which will direct you to the Copyright Clearance Center’s Rights link service website. For more information on permissions requests, please visit the permissions help page.

Why do I see “UAAJ” in the web address for the NAAJ?
This is simply Routledge, Taylor & Francis’ system for coding publications.

For additional information please see the FAQs on Taylor and Francis Online.