Analysis of Methods for Determining Margins for Uncertainty under a Principle-Based Framework for Life Insurance and Annuity Products

Research Projects – Life Insurance

The Financial Reporting and Reinsurance Sections, along with the Committee on Life Insurance Research announce the completion of the following report. Authored by Larry Rubin, Nick Ranson, and Victor Shi of PricewaterhouseCoopers, the report identifies and compares methods for determining margins for uncertainty in actuarial assumptions and examines the appropriateness of the methods under a principle-based framework for life insurance and annuity products.

The sponsors would like to thank the following individuals who served on the Project Oversight Group:

  • Peter Bondy
  • Dale Hall
  • John Have
  • Steve Malerich
  • Jason Morton
  • Dave Neve
  • Tom Rhodes
  • Jan Schuh
  • Ronora Stryker
  • Stuart Silverman
  • Corwin Zass

Questions and comments may be directed to Ronora Stryker, SOA Research Actuary.