Cognitive and Functional Disability Trends for Assisted Living Facility Residents

Research Projects – Long–Term Care

The Society of Actuaries' Long–Term Care Insurance Section and the ILTCI Conference Association are pleased to make available a research report exploring functional and cognitive trends among assisted living facility residents. The report, authored by Jessica Miller, Marc Cohen, and Xiaomei Shi of LifePlans, Inc., examines data on long-term care policyholders to gain insight into these trends.

The SOA's Long–Term Cared Insurance Section and the ILTCI Conference Association would like to thank the following members of the project oversight group for their review and support of the project:

  • John Timmerberg, Chair
  • Brigette Emmons–Touchette
  • Diane Murphy
  • Duane Grabber
  • Francois Cloutier
  • Peter Douglas
  • Rick Kelly
  • Sivakumar Desai
  • Steve Siegel, SOA Research Actuary