Report on the Survey of Post-Level Premium Period Lapse and Mortality Assumptions for Level Premium Term Plans

Research Projects – Life Insurance

The Product Development Section along with the Committee on Life Insurance Research are pleased to present the following report. Authored by Tim Rozar, Scott Rushing, and Doug Knowling of RGA Reinsurance Company, this report summarizes the responses of 41 companies to a survey on post-level premium period lapse and mortality assumptions for level premium term insurance plans.

View the results of the prior survey on this topic completed in May 2007 and conducted by Jeffery Dukes and Kathleen Dziedzic.

The RGA research team is currently conducting a study of mortality and lapse experience of level premium term policies as they transition out of the level premium period. A report of the findings will be posted to this web page as soon as it is available.

The sponsors would like to thank the following members of the Project Oversight Group for their valuable contribution to this project.

  • Jeff Beckley, Chair
  • Chris Daniels
  • Doug Doll
  • Alex Fayneberg
  • Christie Goodrich
  • Sebastian Kleber
  • David Wylde
  • Jan Schuh
  • Ronora Stryker

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