Enterprise Risk Management 'ERM' Practice as Applied to Health Insurers, Self-Insured Plans, and Health Finance Professionals

Research Projects – Health

The Health Section is pleased to make available a research report that describes the current state of Enterprise Risk Management practices for health organizations. The report was prepared by Max Rudolph of Rudolph Financial Consulting, LLC.

The Health Section would like to thank the members of the Project Oversight Group ("POG"), who provided advice and guidance during the course of the project.

The members of the POG were:

  • Joan Barrett, Chair
  • Ashley Anderson
  • Bernie Rabinowitz
  • Jeffrey Allen
  • John Stark
  • Patrick Collins
  • Rafi Herzfeld
  • Robert Hanes
  • Sudha Shenoy
  • Steven Siegel, SOA Research Actuary
  • Sara Teppema, SOA Staff Fellow
  • Robert Wolf, SOA Staff Fellow