High Face Amount Mortality Study

Research Projects – Life Insurance

The SOA’s Reinsurance and Product Development Sections, along with the Committee on Life Insurance Research, are pleased to make available a new report on fully underwritten standard ordinary business high face amount mortality experience. The report was authored by Al Klein and Michelle Krysiak of Milliman.

The sponsors would like to thank the following individuals for serving on the Project Oversight Group:

  • Jean-Marc Fix, Chair
  • Michael Bertsche
  • Greg Brandner
  • Maple Cheung
  • Ing Chian Ching
  • Tom Edwalds
  • Edward Hui
  • Tim Rozar
  • Kevin Trapp
  • Jack Luff, SOA staff
  • Korrel Rosenberg, SOA staff
  • Ronora Stryker, SOA staff

If you have questions or comments on this research, please contact Ronora Stryker, SOA Research Actuary, at rstryker@soa.org.