Evaluating ACO Efficiency: Risk Adjustment within Episodes

Research Projects in Health

The Society of Actuaries is pleased to make available material exploring cost efficiency within an Accountable Care Organization. The material was authored by a team from Milliman, Inc. including Bill O’Brien (now with Evolent Health), Rong Yi, Chun Yau, and Yan Li.

The SOA would like to thank the following Project Oversight Group members:  

  • Rina Vertes, Chair
  • Louise Anderson
  • Dan Bailey
  • John Bertko
  • Mark Bethke
  • Dewayne Ullsperger
  • Greger Vigen
  • Jim Whisler
  • Kristi Bohn, SOA Health Staff Fellow
  • Barbara Scott, SOA Research Administrator
  • Steven Siegel, SOA Research Actuary

Disclaimer for Material

The material contained herein does not represent an official position, statement, or endorsement on behalf of the Society of Actuaries or its members, nor should the material be construed to do so. This work is the product of a research effort commissioned by the Society of Actuaries to add to the library of resource tools and further knowledge in this area.