2019 Student Research Case Study Challenge

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) is dedicated to advancing education and research for the actuarial profession. As part of its mission, the SOA recognizes the importance of partnering with colleges and universities to help develop future actuaries. With this in mind, the SOA’s Research Department is holding a Student Research Case Study Challenge, which provides an opportunity for teams of students to apply their actuarial skills on a real world problem. Materials for the case study, which focuses on designing an automobile insurance product for autonomous vehicles, are located at the bottom on this page.

About The Student Research Case Study Challenge

Over the course of eight weeks, teams of up to five students will research a case study situation, conduct actuarial analysis, formulate solutions, and present recommendations.  The work will require a team approach to identify issues and organize priorities. The team will need to understand and select from potential data sources, develop models with appropriate accuracy metrics, summarize relevant results, and then present recommendations in a written format.  Teams are encouraged to seek guidance from a faculty advisor to assist them in their overall approach.  Teams can look forward to showcasing their creativity while building synergies within an actuarial setting.

Submissions will be graded by the judges, and the teams with the top submissions will be invited to present their submissions to the judges via audio and/or video conference, with the target being to have these presentations prior to April 12, 2019.  All teams meeting a minimum standard will be recognized in official SOA publications and team members will be awarded a certificate of participation.

Read the official rules of the SOA Student Research Case Study Challenge and complete the intention form, which must be submitted by February 15, 2019.  Final submissions are due by 11:59 PM Central Daylight Time on March 22, 2019.  Any questions or clarifications on these rules should be directed to the SOA via email to research@soa.org.


2019 Student Research Case Study Challenge

Safelife Auto Claims Data, 2009-2018

This is an updated excel file that contains two sheets of claims data. The first sheet is unprotected and the second sheet is protected.


2019 Student Research Case Study Challenge

Questions Or Comments?

If you have comments or questions, please send an email to research@soa.org.