Securing Future Retirements Essay Collection

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) Committee on Post-Retirement Needs and Risks is pleased to present this essay collection, which shares thoughts and opinions on how to advance the state of effective planning strategies, products and employee benefit plan structures to help secure future retirements.

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Andrea Sellars and John Cutler

Prize Winners

An Enhanced Social Security Annuity
John Cutler

Workers and Retirees Could Pool Risk With Tontine Annuities, Tontine Pensions and Survivor Funds 
Jonathan Barry Forman

Working Longer to Improve Retirement Security: Improving Public Policy
Anna M. Rappaport and Tim Driver

We Can Build Better Retirement Products, But Will Anyone Buy Them?
Joseph A. Tomlinson

Automated Advice
Jill E. Fisch, Marion Labouré and John A. Turner

Honorable Mention

A Smart Way to Develop Retirement Income Strategies
Steve Vernon

Smart Decisions Older Workers Can Make for Retirement
Steve Vernon

Smart Steps Employers Can Take to Help Older Workers Transition Into Retirement
Steve Vernon

Additional Papers Selected for the Securing Future Retirements Call for Essays

A “My Plate” Retirement Planning Strategy
Elizabeth Bauer

Changing the Retirement Advice Conversation
Mark Chamberlain, Marguerita Cheng, Martin Durbin and Adam Sokolic

The Future of Retirement Planning is Already Here, It’s Just Not Evenly Distributed
Stephen Chen

Redesigning Defined Benefit Plans: What Can State Pensions Learn From Social Security?
Paul V. Hamilton

When Life Happens: Financial Literacy is Necessary to Optimize Access to Aging Resources
Cindy Hounsell

Employers Should Consider a Single Plan Document With Pension Benefits and Employee Salary Deferrals
Barry Kozak

Working Longer to Improve Retirement Security: Addressing Workplace Issues
Anna M. Rappaport and Tim Driver

The Risks of Driverless Investing
Max J. Rudolph

Planning Today for Tomorrow’s Retirement
Zenaida Samaniego

Financial Life Planning at Work: How Financial Mentorship of Younger Employees Leads to Improved Retirement Preparedness
Scott M. Spann and Cynthia Meyer