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Retirement 20/20 Monograph

  • November 17-18, 2008
  • Crystal Gateway Marriot, Washington, DC
  1. Changing Signals
    • Why Sweden's Pension Reform was able to be Successfully Implemented
    • Jan Selén, Ann-Charlotte Ståhlberg
    • Optimal Retirement Age
    • Jonathan (Jon) Barry Forman and Yung-Ping (Bing) Chen
    • Signals, Retirement Options, Phased Retirement and Retirement Decisions
    • Anna Rappaport
    • Summary Overview Paper: Experimental Analysis of Retirement
    • Enrique Fatas, Juan Lacomba, Francisco Lagos, Ana Moro
    • An Experimental Test on Retirement Decisions
    • Enrique Fatas, Juan Lacomba and Francisco Lagos
    • Complete Paper (Note: Link requires registration and payment of a fee to obtain paper)
    • An Experimental Test on Dynamic Consumption and Lump-Sum Pensions
    • Enrique Fatas, Juan Lacomba, Francisco Lagos, Ana Moro
    • Complete Paper
  2. Default Distributions
    • The Role of Information and Expectations in Retirement Planning–Communicating Income vs. Lump Sums; Retirement Options
    • Anna Rappaport
    • Approaches for Promoting Voluntary Annuitization
    • Beverly J. Orth
    • Optimal Strategies for Distribution of Retirement Income Resources (Coming Soon)
    • Albert J. Dal Porto
    • Defaults for Distribution of Retirement Assets: What are the Issues?
    • Anna M. Rappaport
  3. Self Adjusting Mechanisms
    • Are Automatic Balancing Mechanisms Appropriate for Private Sector Defined Benefit Pension Plans?
    • Doug Andrews
    • New Retirement Plan Designs for the 21st Century
    • William R. Hallmark and Beverly J. Orth