The RP–2000 Mortality Tables

Experience Studies – Pension

This supplement to the RP–2000 Mortality Tables Report provides tables with mortality rates adjusted by the blue collar, white collar, small amount, medium amount and large amount adjustment factors provided in the original report. Users of these tables should read the original report to best understand the derivation and proper use of the collar– and amount–adjusted tables.

If you have downloaded the RP–2000 Mortality Tables Report between August 2000 and May 2, 2001 you will need to download the additional pages. This pdf file contains revised pages for the RP–2000 Mortality Tables Report dated July 2000. These revised and additional pages provide comparisons of annuities calculated using both the RP–2000 Combined Healthy table and the RP–2000 split Employee and Healthy Annuitant tables. The original pages only had values related to the Combined Healthy table.


RP-2000 Mortality Table Report - Additional Pages

Supplement to the RP-2000 Mortality Table Report

The RP-2000 Mortality Tables

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