2005-07 US Individual Life Persistency Update

Experience Studies – Individual Life

This report presents the results of the most recent study of individual life insurance lapse experience in the United States conducted jointly by LIMRA International and the Society of Actuaries (SOA). The observation period for the study is calendar years 2005-07. The study is based on data provided by 31 individual life insurance writers and it presents lapse experience for whole life, term life, universal life and variable universal life plans issued between 1910 and 2007. This report includes results for most key policy and product factors.

The Excel spreadsheet contains the supporting source lapse rates for figures within the U.S. Individual Life Insurance Persistency report. The data for this report, and the Excel spreadsheet, represent experience years 2005 to 2007.


Lapse Experience Detail for Experience Period 2005-2007

US Individual Life Insurance Persistency

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