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2000-2007 Individual Disability Income Persistency Study

The Society of Actuaries and LIMRA have sponsored a U.S. Individual Disability Income Persistency Study. The report, authored by Cathy Ho and Steve Elek, presents the results of a study of individual disability income (“IDI”) lapse experience in the United States between observation years 2000 and 2007. This is the first report in a two-part series that will present results of a study conducted jointly by LIMRA and the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and based on data provided by 12 individual disability income insurance writers.

This first report provides an overview of results from the period 2000-2007, including an associated Excel spreadsheet providing lapse rates and associated exposure levels.

The second report will discuss a more detailed analysis of results, including a discussion of those factors that are the strongest drivers of lapse experience.


2000-2007 Individual Disability Income Persistency Study

2000-2007 Individual Disability Income Persistency Study Table and Figures Detail

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