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2000-2011 Long-Term Care Aggregated Databases

Experience Studies – Long–Term Care

This report describes the approach taken to develop the aggregate database for each study and provides definitions for each of the data elements provided in the attached aggregated databases. It should serve as a user guide for anyone working with the aggregated databases. Three aggregated databases are included corresponding to the Claim Incidence, Claim Termination, and Claim Utilization studies. These include data received from 22 insurers that agreed to provide information to further the knowledge of long-term care insurance. Those insurers are listed in Section 4 of the report. Available data was collected on policies issued between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2011. Claims incurred on policies in force during this time were followed from claim inception through the earlier of claim termination, or December 31, 2011.

Reports and Databases

Long Term Care Intercompany Experience Study – Aggregated Database 2000-2011 Report

Claim Incidence Rates Database 2000-2011

Claim Termination Rates Database 2000-2011

Claim Utilization Rates Database 2000-2011

Long Term Care Intercompany Experience Study-Aggregated Database 2000-2011-Fast Facts